XIII No pants subway ride

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This sunday 12 of January the Annual call for the No Pants Subway Ride happened in more than 14 cities in the world. New York City was the first one where the idea came up, and now more than 4000 people decided to go without pants and ride the subway of the big apple. 

Interesting to see how every year more and more people decide to take their pants off just for fun, here you can see some of my pictures, sincerely its weird to see how serious people feel about this event created by Improv everywhere, but who knows, maybe like a marketing strategy is not that bad isn’t it??


The city



What is this city about? People from other places? Local people??? There is a city for hope and exchange. This man is just playing in the street, but the fact is that he is raising money for his first album. Why don’t take a picture of him? Why don’t  get his attraction in just one image?

So much complicated. The city teaches you how to don’t look everywhere, because people like him…. the always came to New York City to have a chance, so you will find somebody better probably tomorrow…. what a pity huh?????


ING Marathon NYC 2013



Canada, Spain, Venezuela, France, Italy, so many places, so many people who stop their lives to move to New York for a weekend and run free on the streets. This marathon doesn’t want a winner, or a great custom, its focus in let people enjoy the city. A crowed street changes to be on friday a bunch of boring cars to be on sunday an amount of happy people.


Halloween Parade New York City 2013



October arrives to New York  and suddenly the city gets this orange tone. What a great month to spend money, eat more than usual, buy a cool creppy custom, and try to be somebody you are not.  I guess this is the point of this holiday, you can wear hats you will never wear, mix colors  you will never think. The big city sucks you, and you can not do anything about that.